Are slow feeders good for dogs?

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A lot of dog owners ask us: “why is my dog eating fast?” and “why is he gulping
down all its food?” Well, for some people, this is quite a problem since this habit
of fast eating can deteriorate the dog’s health. Some dog owners are likewise
worries about their dogs’ choking behavior while their pets inhale the food. This
problem is most common in larger dogs.

In addition, eating fast is a bad habit when it comes to the health of your dog. It
causes a lot of issues such as gagging, choking, vomiting, and even a more
serious health condition known as Gastric Dilation. It is also known as Canine
Bloat. Read on!

Are slow feeders good for dogs? Yes, a slow feeder can help make your dog eat
slower than usual. Therefore, we recommend buying slow feeders or bowels for
your dog. They are cheap products in terms of money but be informed that they
can make a huge difference – as well as improve your dog’s eating behavior.

One of the main advantages of slow feeders is that they create obstructions or
separations in the food. This significantly modifies the eating behavior of your
dog – forcing it to slow down its eating. When your dog has an obstruction in
eating his food, then he becomes less susceptible to behavioral and health
problems – for instance, bloating, choking, etc. Likewise, slow feeders improve
your dog’s digestion of the food.

Experts say that feeders with puzzles shapes are the most effective. A puzzle
style feeder moves the food towards the center of the bowel – making it difficult
for the dogs to reach the center.

The puzzle shaped bowel presents a new challenge to your dog. So, when your
dog overcomes the difficulty of eating in the puzzle shaped bowel, then consider
swapping it with a more difficult puzzle type bowel. This will surprise your dog
with some new challenges. Anyway, you will achieve your objective of stopping
your dog from eating too fast in order to prevent problems like choking and

When your dog eats fast, this encourages bloating, which is not good for your
dog. This can lead to bloat surgery and there is a risk of mortality. It is a whole lot
scarier for many dog owners. So, in order to avoid surgical procedures and make
your dog eat healthily, it is best to buy a slow feeder. Not only will it prevent your
dog from painful bloating but also from digestion troubles.

Moreover, if your dog has a gastric problem, it can likewise be because of its
eating habits. Again, a slow feeder is an important product for your dog’s health –
especially to correct his eating habits. Similarly, slow feeders help with portion
control. This way, your dog will take longer than usual over the meal. Also, you
as a dog owner will also not feel angry or bad about your dog is still hungry.

There are different types of slow feeders for different dog breeds. They come in a
wide variety of designs, shapes, and styles. Make sure you choose the one that
fulfils your objective – i.e. stopping your furry friend from eating too fast.

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